Classic Campervan comes back to life.

From chicken shed to knock ’em dead.

Finished Classic Campervan
All done.

The story of this 1975 Mercedes 206D Campervan, Guinevere as we call her, began for us in 2003 when we heard of a classic campervan that had been sitting in an old chicken shed in Norfolk, UK for around 17 years. We arranged to go and have a look and fell in love with her.

Classic Campervan For Sale Mercedes not VW
Classic Campervan Found In A Chicken Shed In Norfolk Shocker.

The owners even had the original brochure from Mercedes, Park Lane, London where they purchased their brand new campervan or Motor Caravan according to Mercedes-Benz in 1975.

Classic Campervan For Sale Mercedes not VW
A Classic Brochure for a Classic Campervan

After lots of failed attempts to find some keen mechanics to under take to task of rebuilding her, we informed the owners that we wouldn’t be able to rescue her from the chicken shed after all. Boo! Poor Guinevere would have to stay hidden away in the chicken shed and not be free to roam the world turning heads as a very rare classic campervan.

Fast forward to 2014 and while helping out a customer with my man and van logistical skills, (lugging and driving basically)  he said he was a mechanic (the oily trousers a slight giveaway) and would love to bring her back to life. Hooray!

Hold that Hooray. Ring, ring. Text, text. Voicemail, voicemail… Oh. I guessed the mechanic was trying to express his sudden lack of interest in the project through the power of no communication. Booo!

Just a tiny fast forward to a few weeks later, whilst waiting for a Herman Miller furniture delivery in London I decided to google some mechanics a bit closer to the Campervan. I stumbled upon Alders Classics who specialise in classic car restoration, but will undertake classic campervans it turns out. Hooray!

Meeting David and Bill to see the campervan was great and you could just tell that they were the sort of people you could trust and would do everything they could to make the dream a reality. Hoo… OK, you’re right, that is quite enough of that business. We’ll probably topping the google hit parade for “hooray” searches and not the “classic campervans for sale” market we’re ideally attempting to attract.

The lovely Alders collective started work on the campervan in February 2015…….


Now she is all ready to sell. We would love her to go to a home that will get the most out of her and keep her in good condition.

Classic Campervans ready to sell.
Pastures new.